Musical nightmare

I dreamed I was participating in the first rehearsal of my composition. The other musicians were all there, the conductor was there. We discussed the music, my intentions with it and how everyone was to play. Then we sat down and played it for the first time. I noticed that the cello part had no notes, except for three at the very beginning, and instructions to play with a lot of tremolo. For the next seven minutes, I tried to make up notes as we went along.

Then I realized it was not a nightmare, it was really happening. I’d left the cello part to the last, figuring I’d get around to it eventually. Then I forgot, as the endorphins released by being finished with everything else flooded my system. Our next rehearsal is this coming Tuesday. I have until then to figure something out. Also I am beginning to feel that the tremolo doesn’t work.

2 responses to “Musical nightmare

  1. christer

    Not insurmountable. Use the double bass part, 8:va supra and 3’s and 5’s. You’ll manage.
    Best of luck
    Christer H
    Tenor, thus the easy part.

  2. Paul

    Hey, I’ve heard that in dreams its rare to actually be able to read words or other written characters. Are you SURE it’s not a dream?