Little-known facts about the skate


  • Skates are cartilaginous fish. They belong to the Rajidae family, controlling half the casinos in Las Vegas.

  • Skates are bottom-dwelling, all the way down to the abyssal zone.
  • So black is the skate’s favorite color.
  • The common skate, Dipturus batis, is the largest found in British waters, but it is less common than the thornback ray, Raja clavata, which is the most common skate in British waters.
  • Ironically.
  • Skates grow slowly and mature late. It is not uncommon to find adult skates blogging all day at work.
  • Skates are prone to self-conscious sentimentality. For example, when an adult skate drops his young off at school, he not only sits there in his car watching her across the street and all the way into the school, his heart breaking over the irretrievable moment, he also watches himself watching her and thinks, I ought to write something about this some time.
  • The skate’s biggest fear is someday tourists will discover the abyssal zone.
  • The skate has been good about doing the dishes lately.
  • Skates lay eggs in a case known as a “mermaid’s purse”.

5 responses to “Little-known facts about the skate

  1. An illustration of the difficulty of life as a skate can be found here, beaches will never seem the same.

  2. Jann

    But I want to know what they do for fun. Fun can be a simple thing, like sharing a joke with a coworker. Do these creatures make funny remarks at staff meetings, causing their supervisors to double over with laughter? A little comic relief is always a good thing, especially at staff meetings.

  3. mig

    Skate non sequiturs are legendary.

  4. This is Brilliant! Who knew?!

  5. The chef at a bistro round the corner made a specialty of skate, but then he moved on, leaving nothing to consume but martinis, so I don’t go back there.