Going to school

“You have a choice,” I said. “Sigur Ros or Nine Inch Nails.”
“Nine Inch Nails,” Gamma said.

It rained hard yesterday. My wife called me at work and said the road near our village was closed due to a mudslide. That’s some hard rain, because it’s perfectly flat where we live.

There is one underpass where the road goes under some train tracks, sometimes that fills up. And new train tracks are raised, so maybe some mud washed down the embankment.

I made it home okay. I couldn’t make my mind up between Nine Inch Nails and Sigur Ros, so I kept switching between the two. NIN went well with the lightning and dark clouds. SR went well with the rained-on fields and the green coming out in the woods.

4 responses to “Going to school

  1. If you like Sigur Ros check out The Album Leaf if you haven’t already. Basically, it’s Jimmy LaValle from San Diego’s digital music scene sometimes collaborating with members of Sigur Ros. The groups have also toured together, though unfortunately the two times I’ve been able to see SR live The Album Leaf wasn’t along.

    I really like the combination of improvised and classical stringed instruments, electric guitar, computer programming and live drums.

    Plus, in 32 years of concerts including all the usual suspects, SR is the loudest damned band live I’ve ever heard- and well worth the experience.

  2. mig

    listening now…

  3. Maybe I’ll have to look up some Sigur Ros, as I hadn’t heard of them until you mentioned them just now. Nine Inch Nails, on the other hand, was huge when I was in high school.

    But you know what? It’s less than a week since I went to that Apocalyptica concert, and I’m still kind of hyped up about it, so let’s say “Option C: Apocalyptica”.

    Or Lacuna Coil. I always like me some Lacuna Coil.

  4. D

    I wish my kids were as cool as yours…