Composition update

Using my key, I entered the music school early this morning and made my way up to the teachers’ lounge, where the cleaning ladies were goofing off, standing around smoking and talking about sports* and deposited the completed notes to my composition in the cubby-hole of my composition workshop advisor, only one month late.

Next step, I guess, is recruit musicians and start rehearsals. A performance is scheduled for 14 May. I hadn’t exactly forgotten about it, it had just seemed so far off when I began.

Now I can get going on all those voice recordings people sent me. If you are still working on a recording for me, it is still not to late to mail it in.

*not really. they are industrious workers and nice people.

One response to “Composition update

  1. Bauke

    Gah! I just bought a new microphone/headset a few days back after ripping the cord of my other headphones….

    Will record Dutch and Portuguese language versions ASAP.