Not as small as they appear.

So, Beta is studying law, among other things. It seems not a bad choice for various reasons. You have to get up pretty early to win an argument with her, for one thing.
By “you” I mean “I”.
And she can short out electrical circuits with her eyes.
And so on.
Anyway, Gamma, who is ten, is balancing the cats.
She is giving each one the right kind and amount of attention to install a new equilibrium to replace the one that was disrupted when we adopted a kitten recently, Mr. Evil.
The rest of us have followed her example and the cats seem to be adjusting well, after acting like insulted divas in the beginning.
Mr. Evil likes to beat up on the big cats, though. It’s hard to keep him out of their faces. They whack him and he just comes back for more.
Gamma and Beta were fighting a couple days ago, the way sisters sometimes do.
Take it easy, guys! I said.
Misch dich nicht ein*, Gamma snarled.

*Mind your own business

4 responses to “Not as small as they appear.

  1. Dingo

    Q: How many kids with A.D.D. does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: Hey, wanna go to the beach?

  2. D

    So basically you’re saying that you’re living in a multi-species warzone and have the survivability instinct of a depressed lemming visiting the empire state?

  3. mig's automatic answering service

    Mig would answer that but he is at the beach at the moment.

  4. Hooray for Le Beta’s new pursuit: here’s hoping that, to the ends of the calling, its status doesn’t waver too far outside the bounds of “amusement”.
    Not that there’s ever any worry. She strikes me as one who keeps a firm grip on the leash.

    Leashes are themselves but jokes to the cat, of course.

    Take it easy. Sheesh.