An egg a day

Beta: Someone at the subway station had a sign that said, “an egg a day is okay.”
Gamma: Whoa! That’s like, 563 eggs a year!
[Pregnant pause]
Everyone else in the room: 365!
Gamma: Heh.

3 responses to “An egg a day

  1. 563.. 564- whatever it takes.

  2. Jann

    Well, sometimes it just *seems* like 563 days, or even 653, especially to young people. For the rest of us, i.e., those who no longer can be called “young,” we no sooner take the Christmas decorations down, than it’s time to start putting them up again.

  3. D

    Why do the French only ever have one egg for breakfast?

    Because in France one egg is an-oeuf