Something about Saturn has allegedly changed, meaning things are set to go my way for a spell, allegedly, according to the newspaper. As evidence of this: I cannot sleep, I am in a state of constant low-grade panic and my boss is mad at me. On the other hand, I got another job lead through a friend, the rain is pretty and Gamma’s first day of big-kid school apparently rocked.

I had been worried about Gamma, going from being the biggest kid in elementary school (4th grade) to the smallest kid in the big school (Gymnasium). She wore a plaid skirt, white blouse under black sweater, white stockings and shiny black pumps. I suggested braided pigtails and she went along with that. I dropped her off on my way to work, so I was wearing a dark suit and tie. We were a fine-looking couple. She got lots of stares, because all the other kids were dressed, you know, cool. Gamma didn’t mind the stares, though. She appreciated the irony of her, Gamma, dressing like that, and did so at least in part to make a positive first impression on teachers, which would later come in handy, perhaps.

I told her she could wear her clothes with the skulls on them tomorrow.

She came home totally enthusiastic about school. She can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

She’s a Taurus too. Saturn’s got out of her way. I’m still waiting for a clear sign.

3 responses to “Saturn

  1. Jann

    Gamma’s outfit sounds very like what girls wore the first day of school when I was that age. But I don’t remember if we had white stockings. Light pink tights, but I think we only wore them for ballet classes. So probably flesh colored stockings with the black pumps. Or maybe bobby sox and penny loafers. Great outfit, though!

  2. D

    skulls? Like… shrunken heads?