Today at lunch

I… Maybe you’re like this too. Pregnant women, especially the over six-foot-tall ones, do they make you think of Highlander too? There was one at the deli at lunch today, god, perfect posture, and a grace that comes from chopping off dozens of heads during the centuries, that otherworldly loneliness, but okay with it. She could have whipped out a samurai sword and let someone have it, the kid with the tattoos stocking shelves, zing, blue sparks everywhere, and we would have all been, ah, there can be only one.

Then I bought these peanuts, and now I regret it.

3 responses to “Today at lunch

  1. cj

    Never before – but from now on – yup – that’s all I’ll think of when a pregnant amazon waddles by.

  2. D

    You are not alone, I do this too. I also check for Yakuza assassins when I go for sushi.