Last night, I couldn’t stand the heat

anymore so I bought crushed ice on the way home and made frosty drinks for everyone. Gamma was having a pajama party so I made drinks for her and her friends too, only without rum.

Steven Isserlis was playing the Song of the Birds a couple mornings ago, it is a Catalan folk song. Blue lights flashed in the morning traffic, and there were sirens, and everyone pulled over to let by an ambulance followed by two more ambulances and three police cars; everyone except one fool (not I) who took a terribly long time to notice. Have you heard Isserlis play the Song of the Birds? Please do.


5 responses to “Last night, I couldn’t stand the heat

  1. cj

    What exactly did you put in those frosty adult drinks? I want some.

  2. mig

    ice. lemon juice. banana. peach. strawberry. coconut syrup. rum. drink from fancy drinking glass, or, if you prefer (i do) a one liter tupperware measuring beaker.

    that isserlis video isn’t as good as his new CD – bach cello suites plus song of the birds. the tv format trivializes it – that announcer going, “here’s steven isserlis playing song of the birds, made famous by pablo casals” as if he knew what he was talking about.

  3. Really a moving piece by Isserlis, mig… his talent and passion combined with the composition itself gave me shivers… thanks for sharing that ;-)

  4. zeynep

    Beautiful song- this is the version where pablo casals is playing…

  5. One night a while back Eva was feeling a little homesick and started watching Catalan videos on YouTube. Here’s one that had her giggling- she tried to explain who he was but it didn’t register ’til now:

    Pau Casals addressing the UN, his fire still burning- love it when he embraces the Japanese guy, who’s not quite sure how to react :-)