A filling fell out last week. I briefly considered putting it back in with super glue but went to the dentist instead. Last night I was squirming in the chair as he drilled into the tooth, or as he put it, ground it slightly, to prepare it for a new filling. He offered to give me a shot of something but I tried it without anesthesia for the heck of it. He assured me it wouldn’t hurt much.
He hit a sensitive spot a couple times, though. Hence the squirming. But then, for some reason, I thought about it objectively. How does this compare to my back pain (which returned this weekend), I wondered. In fact, the tooth drilling pain, besides lasting only seconds, was no where as intense as the back pain, which lasts days.
After putting those two pains side by side like that, the tooth drilling grinding was almost fun.
And now I have a nice, smooth filling there and can stop sticking my tongue into the gaping hole, over and over and over.
I wonder if I could sell the old filling on eBay.
It’ll have to wait until I get yesterday’s shirt out of the wash, I think I forgot it in the pocket…

One response to “Perspective

  1. sue

    You could probably sell it on e-bay if it looked like the face of a deity or deity’s relative. Close your eyes almost all the way, squint for a bit, then assign a deity’s or celebratey’s name to it and put it out on the open market.