Look busy

They were laying pipe along the edge of the woods and some big fields I drive past on my way to work yesterday. It looked like they were putting in a big sewer line. They had these serious backhoes with extra-wide scoops that dug a trench about four feet across.
They almost looked like cranes.
And the woods, yeah, and the fields. Fallow, I guess.
Just sitting there being fields and woods.
Not doing anything useful.
That’s what happens. They catch you doing that and next thing, you’re rezoned commercial or residential or some shit.
Always have a spreadsheet open on your monitor, man.
Keep moving. I learned that on one of my first jobs, doing stuff at the cannery. Stay in motion. Broom in hand, or squeegee. The high-pressure hose was pretty good too.
Same thing walking down the street, my dad told me once, walk like you’re going somewhere.
Even if you’re not.

3 responses to “Look busy

  1. cj

    I learned very late – but not too late – around my third year in medical school – that “Be on time and enthusiastic” beats out being smart and capable every day of the week.

  2. Jann

    It’s a good thing, cj, that these attributes are not mutually exclusive!