Alpha called from Tokyo to tell me she liked the roses so I guess I got the hotel right on the order. No word from Beta so I guess she’s having a good time accelerating particles. Gamma got me heart shaped chocolates in a heart shaped box, and an envelope full of handmade gift certificates for favors, wishes and two massages. Beta and Gamma got flowers and gift certificates from me, for dates with dad. We also got more flowers arranged for by Alpha before she left, and from the inlaws, and various chocolates.
That’s the thing, no sooner do you get rid of the Christmas season chocolates, you get more for Valentine’s day.
Now I have to go remove clean dishes from the dishwasher so I can put dirty ones inside, and make a lunch. And go check on the birds outside, who got a 25 kilo sack of sunflower seeds for Valentine’s day. And check on the turtle tortoise, who is sleeping next to an unabridged dictionary downstairs in the library. The winter has been so warm here she came out of hibernation early – we are not sure whether she is up for the season or if it’s the same sort of bifurcated sleep thing we all get some nights. I saw her moving last night when I practiced cello. I’m learning a new tune and it sounds like hell.

2 responses to “14.2.07

  1. Jann

    I’m interested in the tortoise, as I love all types of turtles and tortoises; my daughters grew up with turtles in the house. What kind of tortoise is it, and how large?

  2. mig

    it is a greek tortoise, aka “Hermann’s tortoise Testudo hermanni”.
    it, or if our suspicions are correct she, is about ten inches long. we got her about 5 (?) years ago, when she was about the diameter of a CD. she is rather frisky, very persistent, full of personality and a real escape artist.