Crane theory of aesthetics

In my dream, I was looking for a wine that went well with bacon. It had to be a white.

Later in the morning, after waking and stuff, on our drive into Vienna, I said I missed the sunrises in the morning and Beta said, Actually, we had a sunrise this morning, we just didn’t notice it.

That was because we were busy taking Gamma’s lunch for a ride.

Monday, it was Monday. We got out of the house a little too late to arrive in Vienna on time for Beta to easily make the bus she needed to catch for her school outing but, eh, if we hurried. Except I had to run the cello by the music school cause I have cello Monday evenings. We were almost to the school when Alpha called and said Beta had taken Gamma’s lunch.

Due to a complex constellation of reasons, we decided to return home with the lunch rather than tell Alpha to make another. This precluded bringing the cello by the music school then. So Monday was take-your-cello-to-work day.

Beta made her bus in plenty of time. I got all apocaplectic for nothing.

Tuesday I drove into town alone, as Beta was still on her school outing. I missed Beta. I ended up using the time to think about my construction-crane-based theory of aesthetics.

I drive past a bunch of them on my way to work, you see. Construction cranes. Theories of aesthetics too, probably, only they’re not so obvious.

There’s nothing like a construction crane, is there? Most elegant human invention ever. I could watch them all day, only in traffic that’s dangerous. Today, I drove by a group of three, and one was even moving, swinging around about 180 degrees. It was great.

If you can see things the way birds must see them, for example, or in some other fresh way, so many ugly things are beautiful. Power lines, what a great place to sit and rest your wings.

Felled trees. They’re currently doing a lot of logging where I drive. I used to feel bad for the trees. I still do, but I also think: boy, no nicer smell, and face it, there’s something beautiful about felled trees too if you can only admit it. I’m not saying we should go out and cut down trees. I’m only saying.

If you can open up to it, there’s a lot out there.

10 responses to “Crane theory of aesthetics

  1. flerdle

    Driving past whole forests of cranes in Dubai; nothing quite like it.

  2. have you read “the lost language of cranes” by david leavitt?

  3. I monitor this blog, “Dark Roasted Blend”, which presents interesting pics of various technological and natural wonders. This post is about a large crane in Japan

  4. I lived in my mother’s beachside apt. in Alameda for almost a whole teenager-year (>four adult years, as I recall) before excusing myself early from her danger-to-herself-and-others fiesta. The setting played a crucial role to my actually getting up and going, I think – in particular the cranes. See, the Port of Oakland is directly across the estuary from that beach
    You don’t even really need to have taken acid earlier in the day to glean the quietly glared wisdom of the red-eyed portside warhorses
    on your midnight stroll toward who-knows-what-but-if-it’s-Friday-be-prepared-to-avert-thine-eyes.

    Also? I’d bet Bring Your Cello to Work Day comes with lots of bonus smalltalk: “I’d be happy to give you a lift. Normally there’s a ton of legroom, but today I’ve got the cello in the back.”

  5. Jann

    Ever since I first spent time in Seattle, I’ve considered it to be a city of immense beauty contrasted with stark ugliness, with some things falling into both categories. Examples of the the last include the cranes in the Port of Seattle, and the I-5 bridge.

  6. ‘Apocaplectic’?

  7. KayO

    I stumbled across your blog this evening and am enjoying your way of putting things. Was going to compliment you on apocaplectic, which seems self-evident, but someone beat me to it. So, as requested, I’m just leaving a comment to say, I like this!

  8. mig

    Thank you, KayO.

  9. cj

    You should see the paper towels left behind after I’ve blotted a lumpectomy with 6 different colors… Quite nice. Oh – and the golden yellow of a fresh clear cell carcinoma in a kidney is pretty good, too.