Fantastic gift idea


Horst has published a new book (in the English language).

This is what famous authorities are saying about it:

    “Messages from the Lost Continent is a unique and at times hilariously funny blend of thriller, science fiction and fantasy novel, which was originally published in 2005 as a fiction weblog.”

You should also know that I helped write it. And I say:

    “If it is half as much fun to read as it was to write, it should be pretty a lot of fun to read.

The promotional site linked above (click on the image) has ordering instructions. I ordered several extra copies to sell to cronies and family members at a marginal discount. If you want one of those*, complete with autograph or whatever, maybe a Bgu, send me an email for further information.

    *Remember, the holiday season is closer than it appears

4 responses to “Fantastic gift idea

  1. sue

    It’s a good thing I’ve retained a bit of my college German so I sort of understand the link.

    The Amazon in English hasn’t heard of the book. Is the book in English oder auf Deutsch?

  2. mig

    It’s in English.

  3. I have added sample pages to the promotional website to clear that up.

  4. mig! you’ve been very busy i see!