1. Friday night, for the first time in about 20 years, I read, in public no less, to someone other than my kids. Although I may or may not have appeared to, I enjoyed myself greatly and things went fine, but for a bit of hoarseness (mostly sore throat) even though my brain tends to fall asleep around 9 PM. Thanks Horst, for inviting me to take part.

  2. Saturday, accompanied Gamma to a great workshop on composing at our music school. The teachers were so wonderful, so knowledgeable and so able to communicate that to an audience ranging in age from about 7 to about ahem 47. Gamma was cracking John Cage jokes when we walked back to our car that evening, is how good it was. “Now I have an earworm,” she said, referring to his composition “4.33”. Also, she wants to play it at her next piano recital. “At least the first movement.”
    Beta wants to accompany her on harp. Or at least sit at the piano with her, turning pages.
    They are going to have a 3-month composition program at the school. Gamma and I are discussing whether to take part.

6 responses to “4.33

  1. Heh heh. You should join them on the cello.

  2. You guys are going to need someone on theremin as well…

  3. mig

    Horst: Alpha has also volunteered to join on recorder.
    Ron: If we do the composition workshop, one idea would be a soundtrack for accordeon and theremin. And piano.
    And cello.

    And perhaps harp.

  4. I would be willing to join you on bass guitar. 4’33” is one of the few pieces that I can actually play really well.

  5. mig

    Sounds good. Will have to discuss possible arrangements with Gamma.

  6. Why didn’t you tell me?