The causes of fog

Cello was good this week. On an upward trend. Last week was so-so. The week before I was sorely tempted to chuck my teacher out the second-storey window because he was unable to entirely conceal his negative reaction to the horribleness of my playing.

Somedays it just sucks. That was such a day. Bad commute, headache, whatever. He’s like all, “hrm,” and suddenly I have this strong urge to pick him up and throw him out. Not as if it were all his fault; I just felt like it.

I’m bigger than he is. Who knows. But he’s in pretty good condition. A few years younger than me. In winter, when he goes skiing, he doesn’t take the lift, he fucking gets up early and walks up the mountain, then skis down.

Wiry. Long arms and legs. If he spread out his arms and legs into a big “X” it would be hard to push him through. So instead I just told myself it was one of those days.

Orchestra rehearsals have started. A little Brahms, a little Mozart, a little Vivaldi, a little Haydn. Haydn? Handel? One of those guys. They even included a piece for harp, so Beta gets a solo this year. We play four concerts this year, instead of three like last year. It’s going to be fun. Lots of running around, but fun.

Good turnout this year. Nine or ten cellos, most of them full-sized. Remember, this is a “youth orchestra”, so most sections have a lot of little kids running around. Not the cellos, though. Three little kids, maybe. The rest, teenagers. Two attractive grown women (up from 1 last year), and me.

That many cellos, that’s a big bass section.

The new woman had nice things to say about my cello. “Oh, that’s the cello that sounds so nice,” she said. I wanted to offer to let her play it, but there is a way to say that in German that sounds a little like a double entendre, and that is what came to mind first, so I just said, “gee, thanks,” instead. Nice of her to say that. I double-checked with my teacher at my last lesson, the one that went so well. He confirmed that yes, my cello would sound quite nice in the right hands, it is one of the nicer ones in the orchestra.

That’s one thing that sucks about learning an instrument. In the beginning, you have to learn on some fucked-up Chinese rental that screeches, because who knows if you’re going to stick with it? It would take an expert to get a good sound out of it, at best. It’s demotivating.

Now, though. On a good day it really does sound nice.

I had a dream the other night that I was on Saturn. It looked pretty much the way Earth does, but everything was heavier.

The mornings have been foggy lately. I leave the house, it’s foggy, deer grazing in the fog at the bases of hunters’ blinds in the woods, stuff like that; then it gradually clears up as I get closer to town. The mornings I can leave early it’s really nice, with the sunrise. October is the best month, I think, at least it is here.

Alpha left yesterday for Japan. Just spoke to her on the phone. They let her bring fluid on the plane.

2 responses to “The causes of fog

  1. cello teachers that go hrm should be chucked out of the window.

  2. velouria

    hello, mig. i thought of you & your family for the first time in about three years today, so i thought i’d drop by and say hello. i just don’t read many blogs that don’t start with “livej….” anymore. anyway, i’m glad to see all is proceeding apace.