Trying to remember

For some reason none of the prunes on the trees have worms now. Earlier in the summer, when they were first getting ripe, it was gross. You had to examine every single one, and throw away more than half. Now you still examine every one, but none are infested.
Weekend: Saturday we did some stuff. Sunday we did some more stuff. Don’t ask me what, so long ago.
Saturday morning, I think Beta and I moved furniture at her grandparents’ house. It went well, I only squished her into the corner once and we damaged the freshly-painted walls minimally. Nothing got crushed etc and there was no blood and no tears and minimal sweat. Then we ate pizza and I went and lifted weights at the gym a little.
I say lifted weights. Worked out. I worked out at the gym.
A little.
Sunday morning I worked in the yard. I clipped some bushes. Gamma and I played catch with a tennis ball after Alpha and Beta went somewhere. Then Gamma took a shower, and then I did. Then I started to practice cello, but Alpha called and said put some food together let’s go on a picnic, so we did and it was nice.
In the afternoon, Sunday was all about the circus. Gamma had been promised a visit to the circus. It was my turn, and presented to me as if I would treat it like punishment, but I didn’t mind this year. Most years I try to get out of it. This year I didn’t mind.
It is the cheapest circus that comes to town. The others really fucking rip you off. This one is reasonable by comparison. Gamma and I – that is, a 9 year old kid and a grown man – got decent seats for

5 responses to “Trying to remember

  1. They’re plums, by the way. Prunes are dried plums. The plum industry is apparently distressed by the fact that prunes are perceived as being for old people, where as dried fruits are cool. Raisins (aka dried grapes) do not care what they are called, as they are small and induce compulsive eating among all ages.

    Anyway. Plums.

  2. Paul

    She wouldn’t scream in her sleep if you didn’t touch her with your ice cold feet (maybe thats just my house…)

  3. mig

    when i was a boy, prunes were a smaller fruit than plums, which were larger, roundish and came in various colors while prunes were smaller, grew on the prune tree out back and were sometimes dried.

  4. mig

    “Prunes are a group of plums chacterized by an oblong shape, dark purple skin (often with a blue, waxy “bloom” or coating) and a very high sugar content (the high sugar allows for sun-drying without fermenting at the pit). These are generally referred to as European plums or prune plums, to distinguish them from Japanese and hybrid plums, which are generally rounder in shape and with watery flesh.”

    –said by Douglas Justice
    Associate Director
    Curator of Collections and Research Scientist


  5. “when i was a boy” … see, i’m saying. OLD PEOPLE EAT PRUNES.