On the art of painting

You paint so much better than I do.

That’s not true. I love the way you paint.
No, no. I’ll never paint as well as you do.
Your paintings are great.
Yours are much better. I wish I could paint as well as you do.
I’m 47. I’ve been painting longer. When I was 9, painting totally frustrated me too.
I don’t believe it. You paint so well.
All I do is paint an abstract painting, then when that dries, I paint another one over it, then scrape it off with a knife before it dries. Sometimes it looks cool.
You’re such a good painter.
You’re actually far better.
No way. You’re better.
No, you.
No, you.

    [continue ad absurdum]

5 responses to “On the art of painting

  1. “Yes dear, but although I may be a better painter, your use of glitter is not to be underestimated.”

  2. D

    Reminds me of the “no you hang up” conversations that plagued my early teen relationships.

  3. k.

    this is the best conversation ever.

  4. mig

    novala: gamma and i are about even, i think.