Latest Evco mission resounding success. Evaluation and debriefing still on-going, but I can tell you that much already. I forgot sunscreen, the day was quite sunny too, bad mistake. Beta seems to have loved it. Enjoyed the gathering afterwards, not sure if that bookstore/restaurant will allow me back in any time soon, quite a mess when we left. What do you expect from an evil conspiracy, right? Will post more on this later, must head for the hills right now for a couple days of hiking with visiting relatives. For now, I can post two conclusions:

  • I have more and better friends than I had realized, all over the world, who will go to unbelieveable lengths to ensure that my daughter, whom they have never met, has a fun birthday celebration. Either that or, people enjoy nothing more than a good old 3vil 1nternational c0nspiracy. Even their friends, whom I had never met, helped for hours in the hot sun.

  • Never give a high-school boy a super-soaker in a bookstore/restaurant.

5 responses to “Evco

  1. TH

    People do enjoy a good old-fashioned evil conspiracy.

    And thanks for giving me the opportunity to creepily shadow a group of kids. Was very much fun.

  2. D

    Words and pictures required!

  3. What D said.

    And on behalf of those of us who *have* met Beta: that girl is awfully special, and even teensy tiny efforts are their own magnificent rewards. I’m sure we all hope to someday swing something bigger, like reccomendations for fellowships or introductions to eccentric CEOs, but birthday shenanigans will do for now. Thanks for including us in the global conspiracy. Next time (I’m seeing vampires, and supersoakers filled with Karo syrup) maybe we can act locally.

    (by the way: I made marillenknoedel the other night. with big huge fat orange-y apricots. eight of them. that was what one might call “too many” if one believed in “too many marillenknoedel” which I’m told is close to sacrilege.)

  4. I tried to leave a comment at the next post but couldn’t. Does that mean something’s broken, or does it just mean that you hate me?

  5. Oh look: updates! Hooray! I’ll catch up later, but as I was packing up to leave for the office I saw this story:

    Don’t kiss any Cheiracanthium Punctorii!