Why everyone loves Roland Barthes

The elegance and originality of Roland Barthes’ thought and expression are legendary. It was this very quality that led Raymond Picard to attack him for what he vaguely termed disrespect to the “culture

5 responses to “Why everyone loves Roland Barthes

  1. And I was thinking Roland Barthes was exclusively my secret textual love! He got me interested in semiotics too, I am really at the beginning, though…id est a nasty chaos of information in my head.

    Your post was as elegant as the subject.

  2. Tim

    Sometimes, I have absolutly no idea what you are talking about. This would be one of those times.

  3. Oh well, it happens.

  4. Shucks. I was hoping to hear something about “S/Z” and “Writing Degree Zero.” Guess I’ll have to wait four years.

  5. I heard he might be stripped of his Golden Pen award.