There is this German boy band. This German boy band.

Perhaps you are familiar with them, perhaps not.

I don’t know how their music is. I saw them once on MTV, but didn’t really listen.

Little girls hereabouts are quite hysterical over them.

They were the band Gamma loved to hate for the past few months. Her best friend at school hates them, so she did too. But there was always a certain fascination, you know what I mean?

They were interviewed on the radio and Alpha insisted on listening, to give Gamma an excuse to listen, grudgingly, and she did, with fascination.

Then we visited some friends, parents of Gamma’s best friends from back in nursery school who have, guess what, 20 posters of this band in their rooms. The friends, not the parents.

And the band happened to be on a TV show that night. The dad had a big telescope and we looked at Saturn, which was amazing, but they only glanced and then ran back inside to watch the boy band and discuss various details of their existence.

Such as which one do you like best, the twin with long hair? The singer twin with the makeup? The other one?

When I got home last night, Gamma had bought two magazines with her own money and taped eight posters to her walls, as well as dozens of smaller photos she had cut out.

She wants a CD for her ninth birthday.

She wants to go to their concert when they come to town. I told her they were just in town. She wants to go next time they come. We’ll see, we said.

She is so much happier now that she can stop pretending not to like them and just be a hysterical little fan.

5 responses to “Preferences

  1. TH

    I am so glad the the local teenager is currently fanning over the Ramones and Ska and Punk in general. Makes the music coming out of her room so much more pleasant.

    Of course she’s on the older end of the boy band demographic at 14.

  2. that reminds me of my little sister when she was supposedly into goth/punk music: to protect her ‘streetcred’, she asked ME to buy her a britney spears album! sadly, she never stopped pretending not to like her.

  3. bauke

    From what I’ve seen/heard on the band’s site, you’re pretty lucky. At least it’s not another “New Kids On The Block”*.

    (* Realises how much this dates him)

  4. Very sweet! It’s so hard when you’re really cool but actually can’t live without something.

  5. I’m reminded of seeing Silverchair* open up for The Black Crows once. They were (are) a metal band, but couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 years old at the time. One of the boy’s father was sitting behind the sound board, unabashedly rocking out and looking for all the world like a headbanging dentist.