Caption Contest


    Or: What’s Bush Counting?

11 responses to “Caption Contest

  1. The Index to the Presidency
    Whereas former President Bill Clinton used his index finger to scold people for suspecting him of doing what he had, in fact, done, President Bush uses his index finger as God intended him to use it, for counting. (also sometimes for nose picking, not pictured).

  2. Jado

    “I only lied this many times. Ya can’t impeach a guy for that, heh,heh,heh!”

  3. Number of brain cells he has.

  4. “Hey folks. I uh, just had my prostate checked and uh, they only used one finger.”

  5. D

    “God is above my desk right now, telling me how to run the world…”

    …into the ground

  6. Tim

    I use this one to pick my nose.


    Can I get someone to PLEASE pull my finger?


    You forgot Poland!

  7. flerdle

    “Urrr… scuse me… can I go to the bathroom now?”

    (fits with the slightly pained/worried expression)

  8. Just what is this smell?

  9. Andy

    “But what can I do? I’m just…”
    [pauses, looks down, counts quietly to self, then says]
    “…one man.”

    (As if there wasn’t already enough that he had in common with Homer Simpson.)

  10. Red


    Was that the chair, or did I just say something meaningful?

  11. Paul

    I’ve just been watching a lot of Monty Python so I believe he is about to play a tape recorder that he has up his nose…