Poor little tamagochi

So my cell phone conked out last night whilst I was explaining to Alpha that I would be home late seeing as how I was stuck in a large traffic jam just outside our town. Totally died. I figured this was the end, as I had just recharged it the night before. Charged it again, all night, and tried to revive it this morning, but none of the buttons I pushed got any reaction.
Dead as a doornail.
Showed it to a few people at work, Look, my new cellphone is dead!
They laughed, as people do at the picayune misfortune of others.
Cooling my heels at a conference, I showed it to another colleague.
Just press this button, she said.
She pressed a button. It lit up.
Hrm, I said.
All Nokias start that way.
My other one didn’t, I said.
Whatever. I still didn’t have the PIN code memorized. Then I remembered that my nice friend who gave me the phone also recently emailed me the PIN. And luckily there was an Internet corner at this particular conference, to which I snuck out and logged into my webmail and the PIN was still there.
So now I exist again.

2 responses to “Poor little tamagochi

  1. j-a

    ha ha.

    (looking up the word ‘picayune’)