If you read this blog, then you know that I hate cars. Mainly because they have moving parts, and cost an arm and a leg. The weather here today… nice fall days, really nice ones like today, with a sky so blue and foliage so golden, are hard to beat in Austria, let me tell you. I’m sitting here listening to the breeze sussurate through the trees outside at this very moment. Do you like strolling along the sidewalk, kicking through piles of leaves as you go? That sound your feet make kicking through the dry leaves? I love that. And all that fresh air. Despite all that, though, it was all I could do to walk down to the corner store for something to drink at lunchtime, and a bag of tangerines for the skinny receptionist, and a second bag for me, because I figure if you want to be skinny eat what skinny people eat, but also some peanuts because I was hungry for peanuts, and not just sit in my brand new car smelling that new car smell, which is probably carcinogenic but so is toast.

I’m so happy with that little car. The only thing that could make it nicer is if Vincent Cassel would pull up next to me at a light and say, Nice car, man, seriously, I mean eet.

3 responses to “Car

  1. Congrats on the new car.
    The new car smell? It is the plastic parts. The dash, the seatbelt anchors, whathaveyou. You’ll be okay.

  2. j-a

    but does the skinny receptionist eat a whole bag by herself?

    i think all the leaves here have been swept away by the gale force winds, there’s nothing left to kick about.

  3. My car was stolen last month, and recovered yesterday morning. It took me three days to realize it was gone, and to be completely honest, I am kind of regretting that it is back.