magic words

I still catch myself believing in magic words.
Wondering what one could say in a situation to make it good, make it better, optimize it. To make something good again. To fix something. To make someone go away, or come back. Get parents back together, make a kid stop crying.
The closest I’ve ever come is making something spit their drink, maybe once squirt it out their nose, and that had as much to do with timing as with the words themselves.
This idea, where’d it come from.
I don’t just mean something better than, Sorry I hurt you or Where’d my goddamned soul go. I mean, Something really great, Something exactly right.
I still haven’t given up the belief, just the hope, I just don’t think I’ll ever find the right words.
They’re out there, I think, in any given situation. Words to change someone’s beliefs, not just their opinion. Words to change bad into good. Words to make someone quit smoking, or realize they love you, or you realize you don’t need them. Words that change according to the weather and time of day and phase of moon and people involved. Words that might be totally different depending on whether a #32 bus is driving past or a #41 bus or a plane overhead or a bird has a nest in that tree.
Something totally unrelated someone might say accidentally, like Look at that snakeskin or I couldn’t find my other shoes this morning that somehow end up changing someone’s life in a remarkable way.
Words to make you eat less butter, words to make you nice, words to make you sleep.

5 responses to “magic words

  1. TH


    Any other words fail me.

  2. well done! oh, well done!

  3. O, I’ve been looking for the magic words forever. Nothing seems to work.

  4. They are all around you all the day streaming out from the radio, TV, from family and friends and sometimes you coincide with the right words at the right time. You find comforting words when you feel small and vulnerable, or uplifting words when you feel nothing’s really going your way.
    Personally I feel I find my life and myself coinciding with these “magic words” very often when listening to music. I have found really magic words in Sia, Zero 7 and Imogen Heaps lyrics.
    I think you yourself charge the words with the magic, the words are always there but you give them meaning.

  5. paul

    A little off topic but it reminds me of a story.

    A friends son was asking for something and forgot to say please. The mother said, “what’s the magic word?”.

    The child answered “Abra-Cadabra?”