Flirting tips

Speaking of flirting, here’s how I usually handle it when it comes up:

  1. Pretend I’m invisible. And if that doesn’t work,

  2. Pretend the other person is invisible.

4 responses to “Flirting tips

  1. TH

    That works, yes. Another good way is usually to start up a weird philosophical talk on a subtile minor point nobody cares for anyway. In other words. be boring. Helps all the time.

  2. hm. i tell people i’m married and then go right on ahead with the flirting, because it’s FUN! that’s the joy of flirting when you are sure neither party is taking it seriously. somebody i know calls it “catch and release flirting”.

  3. Flirting terrifies me. It is way too much fun. It happens a lot at my age, too, which surprises me.

    But we can all agree that there is a big difference between the flirting of the single and the flirting of the married.

  4. flerdle

    Either I’m completely clueless, or noone flirts with me. Neither option is good for the self-image.

    Oh well.