Nothing like finding yourself naked and twisted at the bottom of a teeny plexiglass shower stall (sort of an inverted Ardha Matsyendrdsana), looking sort of up at the ceiling and sort of over at the grout an inch in front of your face, with a twisted knee, wondering how you are going to get out, and a little girl asking if you are okay, to make you question whether the reduced mildew problem is worth the effort of squeegeeing the inside of the stall after every shower.

5 responses to “Mold

  1. that’s gotta hurt.
    did you ever make it back to Tadasana?

  2. j-a

    um. i would say how about using the anti-mildew spray after every shower, once you’ve cleaned it out? that prevents build-up.

  3. mig

    but anti-mildew spray lacks the potential for slapstick.

  4. kirby

    if you bathe at your neighbor’s house, that helps. it’s better if they also know about it.