Girl: Who are your favorite female singers?
Man: Pff. Umm.
Girl: ?
Man: Uh. Annie Lennox is good. Cindi Lauper has a good voice. Uh.
Girl: ???????!???!!
Man: Oh, and of course Shakira.
Girl: Only third?
Man: Shakira, Shakira, Shakira.
Girl: Third place?
Man: So, so many singers. You know? Hard to… you can’t really rank… so, so many. Things to take into… to consider. You know?
Girl: Dad, dad, dad. Shakira is number one, Jennifer Lopez is number two.
Man: Naturally.

12 responses to “Best

  1. Annie Lenox? Cyndi Lauper? Honey. You’re not going to be pleasing *anybody*. LucindaWilliamsLindaThompsonChrissieHyndeSydStraw…

  2. lucy

    Popular music makes me feel old…and terribly unhip. I like Annie Lennox, damnit!

  3. Annie Lennox rox my world.
    the whole androgyny thing.

    i sort of idolized her when i was in high school. did you know she was classically trained? she is an operatic soprano. at the time of bran worship, i was undergoing classical voice training as well. naturally i thought she was IT, man. and, yanno, i wanted to kiss her and stuff.

    i found out last night that Shakira is the same age as me. according to Blogthings, we were both born in 1977, as was Orlando Bloom.

  4. Paul

    1977? The year I graduated from High School and the year that Boston put out probably the best power pop album ever (called Boston surprisingly enough). The Cars were big that year.

    Well in the modern world, based solely on the title song for the tv show Ghost In The Shell I would have to pick Origa as having a really great voice. But voices are kind of subjective, like Gwen Stefani has a great voice if you like that forever teenager type thing (and who doesn’t?) and Sheryl Crow has that great laid back LA woman sound… But I don’t know whether technically they are good singers or not..

    Like I’ve heard the George Thorogood is not techinically a great guitar player, but he gets a great sound out of it anyway…

  5. The music of Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Duff, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson is all produced by Swedish producers. I just thought I’d point that out.

  6. John Emerson

    Your questionable content filter is weird. I don’t know what I did wrong the first time.

  7. John Emerson

    Apparently it was a five-letter word beginning with “c” and ending with “y” which included two “p”s.

  8. John Emerson

    I mean six-letter.

    I was pointing out that the Swedish utopia had its dark side, including some not-so-good music.

  9. John Emerson

    However, a nine-letter word describing the Swedish political system may also have been banned.

  10. Shakira is a guilty pleasure of mine. She and Barry Manilow are two reasons why I never let anyone look at my iTunes collection. There are more, but it’s all too embarrassing to admit to in public.

  11. j-a

    let me talk to girl and explain why j. lo is number ONE not number two.

  12. John Emerson