On the way to school

I try to speak English to Gamma so she’ll learn it. Sometimes she speaks it back to me, sometimes our conversations sound like this:

Gamma: (riding on my shoulders) Wieso sagt man “Glatze”? Woher kommt das Wort, eigentlich?
Me: (Sigh.) Um… I wonder…
Gamma: Ich meine… naja, von “glatt”! Nat

8 responses to “On the way to school

  1. the babelfish did me some hard damage on this one. for example, “sense” is “scythe”, and i was like, it makes the scythe smooth? what? uhm?

    we had kids over to play today. their mother is french and their father is scottish. the kids speak all czech together except in matters of “star wars”, which is mostly english, although kein has trouble with it. like he’ll be: uhm, Ar Dva Dee Dva? instead of R2D2. for reasons unclear, the girl will speak english to me when nobody else is around, but otherwise she’s the czech channel. the boy pops in and out of english, probably like gamma.

    the head, she is still spinning.

  2. j-a

    do you do the banana notes in english? maybe that would be a way of working it into your conversations with her?

  3. mig

    her banana notes are nearly all in english. those to my wife usually english, sometimes german or japanese. those to beta vary among english, middle-high german and latin.

  4. Lovely to notice that our (Flemish) word for Glatze is “Kletskop”, which is clearly related. Btw: I thought you had hair with character (which rather goes white than to fall out)? ;)

  5. mig

    Yeah, so did I.

  6. mig

    I mean, you know kids. See a little scalp and start thinking Glatze.

  7. lucy

    “Lalalalalala” would be multilingual, right?