Alpha: And I’ll give you guys my frequent-flyer card so you can go into the lounge at the airport when you go to America.
Gamma: Yay! Do they have cool music in the lounge?
Alpha: Erm…
Gamma: And disco lights?
Alpha: Not really.
Gamma: Drinks? Cool sofas?
Alpha: Well, beverages. Sofas, yes.
Gamma: Pff. No music? No lights? What kind of lounge is that?

4 responses to “Lounge

  1. j-a

    you’re coming to the states?

  2. she could take some of those glow stix and make her own party.

  3. mig

    great idea. i’ll suggest it to her, if she hasn’t thought of it already. and a couple lounge music samplers.

    (e’re going to the portland-seattle area.)

  4. hey, wait a minute, why are you guys getting the frequent flyer card and not me?