Bulletin: a flaw has been identified in a piece of cutting-edge feline technology. The rubber welcome mat, which C., our researcher at Mig’s house recently discovered could be used to knock against the front door to gain entry at all hours of the night by picking up the edge and letting it flip down against the door, ad absurdum, nauseum et infinitum until someone inside gives up, crawls out of bed and opens said door, can be moved a foot away from the door by a human, thus rendering it ineffective as a knocking device.

Top feline scientists are examining possible solutions. Until one is found, we suggest resorting to Plan B, meowing and meowing and meowing.

6 responses to “Flaw

  1. Ha! Even the (rumored) superior feline intelligence cannot overcome a lack of opposable thumbs…

    Stupid cats.

  2. j-a

    what’s wrong with getting a cat flap?

  3. Cat flap sounds like the trouble a cat causes when it pukes and everyone thinks it’s someone else’s turn to clean it up.

    I’ve heard that other cats (and even other animals) sometimes learn to use your cat door once they realize there’s a bowl of food inside, but that you can get fancy (i.e., expensive) electronic doors that ID your cat on the way through.

    People near us have built a skinny wooden ramp up from the ground to their kitchen window. The cat walks up and knocks on the window to get in. In good weather, they can just leave the window open for the cat (though maybe all of his friends, too, now that I think of it). You could build an elaborate series of ramps and ladders up to your bedroom window and be the envy of the town. Until the rabid badgers figure it out.

  4. mig

    People near where I work have a long cat-gangplank like that up to an upper-storey window.

    I could go for a high-tech cat door, with a little keyboard interface for the cats to punch in a combination for access, less a PIN-code than some numerical task they couldn’t perform under certain conditions, like they have live prey in their mouths that will escape inside the house, or they are weasels (etc) and not really our cats.

  5. I go for the thumb prosthesis development. I’m weary of our being the only order with the opposable digit action. Let the others carry their weight.

  6. R.F.O.A.C.

    This is a Reasonable Facsimile Of A Cat — it’s in the rules, really, check it out (rule #3.)