Psst, indeed

Currently, 98.9% of those voting in the Fistful of Euros something something awards think Metamorphosism is not the best personal weblog. How’d I get nominated? Thanks for telling me, David Weman. I’m honored. Voting is still going on, but I would like to thank Mr. Weman for letting me know I’m on the list, and all of you for you know, and especially those who send me pictures of themselves in the shower etc. And thanks to Alpha for all the material. Special thanks goes to my turtle tortoise, who is still hibernating, I hope. And to the hedgehogs. And whoever invented the cello. And the Fiat auto company.

12 responses to “Psst, indeed

  1. velouria

    are you doing “the artist’s way”? i’m sorry i don’t keep up. if you are — it’s so worth it.

  2. Let them eat rabbit-pie. Hop on the Fiat and let’s go.

  3. Yes, you’re welcome. And, sorry I didn’t send any naked shower pictures, the fact is, I don’t have any.

  4. Hey, some of that 2.1 percent is me…

  5. mig

    Same here, I’ve been urging people around the world to run over there and vote for you as well.

  6. mig

    It’s an interesting list of nominees. A lot of them are “participants” over at Lost in Transit , not that they’re posting there too often or anything… present company excepted.

  7. I’m afraid that there are dark forces working against you. I tried to vote for you and my vote didn’t take. I tried to log on again later from a new browser and I couldn’t even log on.

    Desbladet and Francis Stand are the only suspects I can think of.

  8. mig

    I suspect a northern conspiracy.

  9. John Emerson

    It’s a good thing I said something. After about 15 minutes it finally worked. I don’t think that it was an accident.

    If you think that the Norse are bad, the Slovenians and the Hungarians are getting really savage.

    Nothing can be proved, but this is probably a good reminder that not everyone who seems to be your friend really is one. Anyway, I think that you pulled ahead of Strand in whichever category you were competing in. Ha!

    Too many categories, and too many people listed in several different categories.

  10. mig

    That Strand is one tough rival. He’s made life hell for me ever since we were in first grade together in a one-room schoolhouse in the Badlands in South Dakota.

  11. John Emerson

    Well, at least your daughters are safe from him. From Desbladet too, unless Beta and Gamma look like Nordic prinsesses. The “Chase me ladies” guy — I’d watch out for him.