Blogs worthwhile after all

Thanks, Novala. This is my favorite thing to do for Christmas, and I had totally forgotten about it. I’ll buy a bunch of cloves and oranges at lunchtime.

And: I drive past this every morning.

3 responses to “Blogs worthwhile after all

  1. Bitte, bitte, gern geschehen.
    Wear a Fingerhut when you stick cloves into the oranges. My thumbs still hurt (I was a hard-working assistant!)

    If anybody knows how to keep the oranges from walking away with the help of their little mould friends let me know.

  2. mig

    Sticking the cloves into the oranges is no problem for me, but Gamma was suffering somewhat last night when she did it. I remembered only this morning on the drive into town that one can pre-poke holes in the orange with a fork, skewer etc where you want the cloves to go. I’ll try that with her tonight.

    As far as mold goes, I’ve never had a problem with it – our oranges just seem to mummify to a rock-hard, nice-smelling, brown ball. But a friend yesterday told me she never does the orange/clove thing anymore since hers went really nasty green and stinky one post-Christmas. I think if one uses enough cloves, and maybe keeps the oranges in a warm, dry place your chances of not getting mold are better. No idea, really, though.

  3. bauke

    Hmm. You can also cook them in wine and then drink the (still warm) wine. (Don’t forget to wash the oranges beforehand.. )In Holland they call it “Bishops wine”. Nice for over the holidays. No idea what it does for the mould, but then again, you won’t care :) .