Much of what happens on this blog happens originally in German and gets translated. This scene, however, just doesn’t translate. Sorry if you don’t speak German.

Sonntag. Mittagessen bei der Oma: Eintropfsuppe, Bioschnitzel, Erd

11 responses to “Unl

  1. directly comes earth apple salad from the nose!

  2. *hihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* (Not English “Hi”, but German “hihi”)
    You’ve made my shitty day.

  3. mig

    No, Eintropf is right. It is a clear, broth-type soup with a sort of batter dripped in, which produces sort of badly-made-dumpling-looking things. The MIL makes great soups.

  4. Wirklich? – von reintropfen inne Suppe?

  5. sue

    I got Oma’s last (non)statement–guess I’ll have to find my dictionary for the rest!!

  6. Better get an Austrian-German dictionary too…


  7. r

    and i was feeling guilty about not studying. miss having die Schwiegereltern, aber the wife was raised by rashneeshis…schade.

  8. feck.
    (I was supposed to be learning German in preparation for next year’s visit. Better get on that. Hm.)