Civic duty

Okay, voted.
Now if I can just remember to mail the absentee ballot back in time.

6 responses to “Civic duty

  1. You’re ahead of me. Don’t forget to put a stamp on it :)

  2. neeener. i mailed it today. it has to get there before the second you know (it’s not based on the postmark). don’t forget to sign the back of the envelope, either.

  3. flerdle

    Australian postal votes are based on the postmark date/time, which was good for us because of a mess-up with the Embassies and then FedEx (just don’t ask). But then they only wait 13 more days for them to arrive, that is until the Friday a fortnight after polling day. And not that it would have made any difference to the result…

    And did you use one of these methods to choose Your Man?

  4. megchem

    this is how science suffers….

  5. I mailed in my vote early, to avoid the terrorist attacks at the voting booth :-)

    I nearly changed my vote. I was engaging in the quaint custom of carving a pumpkin for Halloween. I carved “Vote 4 Kerry” in my pumpkin, but as I was starting to carve “Kerry” it occured to me it would be much easier to carve a shorter name such as “Bush”.

    But the feeling passed….

  6. Amy

    Hey. Remember me? Miss me? :) I miss Raising Hell..still have the coffee cup!