Don’t ask him what he earns

So my daughter Beta attends a school so cool that they got a famous Austrian artist to come give a talk to the kids. Hermann Nitsch, I’d love to see him in action once. I would go to great lengths to hear him speak. Not as far, say, as leaving work early and going to my kid’s school, but you know. Who wouldn’t want to see someone throw a couple buckets of blood around?

Beta’s really enthused, too.

    Girl: Eh, Nitsch.
    Man What do you mean, eh? It’ll be fuckin’ amazing. The guy’s brilliant.
    Girl: [Stares at man over her glasses, only she's not wearing glasses.]
    Man What? I’m serious! Go listen to the guy, by all means! Do yourself a favor.
    Girl: Don’t ask him what he earns.
    Man What?
    Girl: Our art teacher told us not to ask him what he gets for a painting.

    Man Heh. So of course you’re not going to.
    Girl: I’m going to ask him if he does birthday parties.

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