Unpacking the pens

Just when certain positive life changes conspire to make one feel less Bug-like, threatening the very existence of a certain on-line “comic strip”, school starts again, and with it long drives into the city with a teenager.

5 responses to “Unpacking the pens

  1. ::emits small cry of glee::

  2. BKO

    “Dad, What’s A Fetish?”

    You know, The Bug has been on hiatus for so long that I was afraid he’d curled into a little ball and dried up in a windowsill somewhere, but it looks like maybe Mig is getting ready for a…

  3. j-a

    we’re waiting….!

  4. mig

    okay, pens unpacked. opening sketch pad now.

  5. Paul

    all talk and no cartoons.. c’mon, lets see ‘em!