Tip for guys # whatever

If you’re riding the public transportation in Vienna and it’s crowded and you’re standing next to a pretty 15-year old dark-haired girl, you might somehow think it’s a good idea to stealthily put your arm around her, but it’s not. In fact, it’s a sure way to get a very sharp elbow in the ribs.

Because that girl is my daughter Beta, you see. Somewhere in Vienna this morning, a man with strong B.O. is rubbing his ribcage, replaying the events of yesterday afternoon and wondering what went wrong. Or maybe he’s being more polite to women.

I’m awfully proud of her, but I do hope she doesn’t get her ass kicked some day. I’m trying to talk her into taking the dirtiest dirty-fighting class we can find, just in case.

8 responses to “Tip for guys # whatever

  1. You go, Beta! Strong women always come out on top!

  2. but it’s pretty lonely up there

  3. Drakona

    But the view is amazing.

  4. To meet other people you have to get down again though ;-)

  5. I don’t know about anyone else here, novala, but being groped by strangers on the subway really isn’t my idea of a great way to meet someone. Are you suggesting that women who defend themselves from men who assault them are somehow deficient in social skills when it comes to dating (other) men?

  6. The opposite, wildsoda, the opposite.

    I am saying that in the society I live in a lot of men are somehow deficient in social skills when it comes to dating strong women. A lot of them are very attracted by strong women and scared of them at the same time. In what I was saying above I was playing with Stephanie’s and Drakona’s entries, not with Beta being able to defend herself.

  7. They’re that way in the Mission, too, but I’m not going to smile when they grab my ass just to make them feel better. Let them be afraid. Or let them taste pepper spray. Feh.

    There are some awfully cute pepper spray decanters available, now, Mig. And fighting classes are usually pretty fun.