I defied my GPS navigation thing yesterday, and it recalculated the route, and then I decided to follow the recalculated route for the fun of it (I was driving home from the office) and it took me way the hell into the sticks, over a mountain, down winding little roads I hadn’t driven on since they put in the freeway. It was pretty neat. And just as fast as the freeway.

Today, though, the suction cup that holds it to the windshield came loose and when I caught it I apparently reprogrammed it to voice-activated British female robot voice. Took me a while to fix it when I got home.

Tomorrow I’m testing it by driving to France for a cello lesson. Alpha told me to bring her something nice. When I asked her to be more specific, she said, “something *really* nice.”

GPS Device question

I shall be going on a longish drive in another country fairly soon and have been thinking about getting a GPS navigation device. I was against them for a long time because I think people should use maps and the only people who really need GPS are those devoid of any geographic skills. Which is a pretty good description of me, as it turns out. Also, I need glasses to read a map, but cannot drive with reading glasses, and as this upcoming drive will be sans navigator, a GPS thing is sounding better and better. Have any of you experience with them (esp. in Europe)? Mainly for driving, but flexibility re: applications would be a plus.