Much of what happens on this blog happens originally in German and gets translated. This scene, however, just doesn’t translate. Sorry if you don’t speak German.

Sonntag. Mittagessen bei der Oma: Eintropfsuppe, Bioschnitzel, Erd

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Tulip Girl – live from Ukraine.
Perfect Storm? Americans are already spending a record share of disposable income paying their interest bills. And interest rates haven’t even risen much yet. But it sounds as if they’re about to.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done or seen?
(Remember, my kid reads this site, so if it’s too weird, send it to me in email. On the other hand, she’s my kid, so she’s pretty used to weird. Use your judgement.)
I ask this because I’ve heard some weird stories lately, and this makes me think that a lot of people must have some.

Biorhythm report


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All I can give you

In the car it’s warm. The windshield is dirty but I don’t wash it because I’m afraid the wipers will break again. The morning sky is glorious nevertheless. The naked woods against the sunrise clouds make me want to buy oil paints and canvas and there you sit so perfect and so quiet.
And all I can give you are those three deer huddled in the cold, dark meadow.
Your grandmother, we don’t tell her this to her face; she wasn’t the best mother in the world, by turns overwhelming and insufficient, but she gave me roses and daffodils and violets hiding close to the soil. She gave me clouds and the smell of barkdust in the spring and the colors of grass, and I have to think of her whenever the sun comes out while it’s still raining and your mother bundles everyone outside as if it were the first rainbow ever there, over the neighbor’s house, just look at that!
Get a load of those trees, I say. A hundred thousand shades of winter per ten by ten plot.
All I can give you is my love, and I worry it’s not sufficient.
There are so many shades of blue, you say.