What is it with kids nowadays, anyway?

Beta brought home a perfect report card today. A few minutes ago, I rewarded her by letting her remove 7 stitches from my shoulder where I recently had two basal cell carcinomas removed and she thought it was kewl.

About 7.38 this morning

A few degrees below freezing, but not much ice to scrape. Girls deposited successfully at Kindergarten and Gymnasium. Traffic not too heavy on freeway. Looked for deer in the field, as every morning. Today, no deer, but rewarded with two foxes traipsing through frost-covered grass, close to the road but heading off, into the trees.


Alpha is having an affair.
Actually, it was my idea.

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You can probably guess how this one ends…

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days; it had been a long day for everyone involved and finally it was over.

A tired but loving couple retire to their beds (just ignore the various verb tenses, okay?) and have a short chat before trying to fall asleep.

Him: Things sure seemed hectic today.
Her: Gah. Change the subject. I’m exhausted. I had a bad day at work where everyone was crazy and incompetent but me and my mother so got on my nerves when I got home.
Him: You know, it’s nice of her to help out on the days you work, but I really, really, really, rrreeeeaaallllly hate those frozen vegetables with curdled cream she made and those potatoes with parsely were hard to eat too…

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