Rediscovering the Difference Engine

Guess I stayed away a little longer than I’d thought. I was rummaging around the barn and came across this Difference Engine, and lo and behold, got it started up and running again. I don’t think I’ll be spending much time on it, but I just… it just feels grand running my fingers across the key-board like this. Hmm.

That Teapot Dome Scandal is still grating on my nerve. That Harding. At least Al Fall taking the fall proves that there can still be justice in high places. A year in prison for the Secretary of the Interior is too short, though, In My Humble Opinion. If only one good thing comes of this, though, it will be this: The Amerian Public – mark my words – is growing up and becoming more skeptical. Never again will it allow a President to run the country in such a corrupt and self-serving manner.