Happy world domination day

Hi. I’m a bit preoccupied today with efforts to publicize Teh Bgu. You can help introduce him to a wider audience by linking http://metamorphosism.com/bug/ on your site today, if you don’t already, and if it like doesn’t clash with your usual style or anything. If enough people link, you see, the site gets onto Blogdex or other similar places, and millions of people see it. Literally millions. And they all come to the site to play with the Ebug Bugbot and buy the merchandise and syndicate the comic and all that. So, if it’s no problem for you – totally optional of course – please give The Bug a link today. We’ll return to regularly scheduled programming shortly.

11 responses to “Happy world domination day

  1. I think I linked to you, I don’t know, 10 times in one post?

    Hope it works.

  2. eeek! ratty has LICE! BUGS!

    you won’t be sorry. a little itchy, maybe……

  3. jim

    ordinarily i’d pass over such a request, ‘specially since i don’t know you, but i like your blog and your bugs are ok so i’ll link it

  4. mig

    More like a dozen, Francis. Want a button?
    And thanks, Jim. And everyone else.

  5. Here you go:


    When I re-do the site, it will get a spot similar to the way you have it displayed here.

  6. Sid

    iO proudly endorses the bug. Now if I could only figure out how this Trackback thing works…

  7. How appropriate that you should be listed at number 69 in Blogdex today: http://blogdex.net/rank.asp?s=50

  8. mig

    Very good. Very, very good. The Friends of teh Bug are a force to be recokned with.