Queer marriage

First, go read Peggy.

Also Gwen.

I’ve always found marriage a most queer institution, so this whole controversy is a little hard for me to understand. I’m straight, I’m married and I don’t feel threatened by anyone else getting married unless it’s like Rush Limbaugh marrying Ann Coulter and they’re planning offspring.

I’m an ordained minister (and have performed a marriage, and they’re still married), and wouldn’t mind performing marriages between consenting adult humans as long as they promise to coax me thru when I get stagefright.

6 responses to “Queer marriage

  1. bauke

    Bush is trying to run for president. That’s what he did last time too.
    The guy is a complete nut, and I hope American Citizens have enough sense to stick together and vote in someone like Kerry. (We’ll probably find out some bad stuff about him also, but hey, ANYTHING is better than Bush jr.)

    This whole thing reminded me of dong resin’s rant on Gays adopting.


    You’ve got to love that..

  2. If we ever come to Austria, we would certainly want you to marry us. I am prone to stagefright too, so maybe it could go like this:

    Mig: Do you?
    Me: I do.
    Her: I do.
    All: Ok, cool.

  3. mig

    Sounds good. When I did my sister’s wedding, I spent six months writing and practicing my sermon. I had it down to about 15 or so minutes, but failed to take into account little kids swordfighting behind me, and getting their feet caught in vine maple etc, and old people in the back row going, “what?” and others discussing small planes flying overhead (“that a Cessna? Or a Beechcraft?”) so it ended up taking 30 minutes (sermon alone).

  4. D

    I was going to ask Mig if he could marry me, but he’s already married.

  5. mig

    I’d definitely have to clear that with Alpha, D.

  6. Oh Dave, that’s so gay.