Eensy-weensy my ass

As things dry out this summer spiders are coming indoors in search of a little moisture, and from a spider’s viewpoint there is apparently no better source of moisture than my bath towel, making morning showers more invigorating than usual.

8 responses to “Eensy-weensy my ass

  1. I like spiders, though I’ll be damned if I want them crawling on me. If they’re big enough to freak us out, we pick them up gently (maybe with a jar and paper) and escort them outside, where they can eat mosquitoes for us.

    At least, that’s what happens when I’m home. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of little girls.

  2. Mig

    I think I’ve gotten over my fear of spiders, although I do still prefer small slow ones to large, quick ones, and I like them better outside than inside, first thing in the morning, naked, locked up with them in a small plexiglas cylinder.

    I think spiders are safe at our house, too. But then, I thought that about ants once.

  3. Eww. That’s all I have to say about that.

  4. D

    He’s not exactly Norman Bates now, is he?

  5. did you do the ‘spider dance’??

  6. sue

    and do you have little crawling sensations all day long that you attribute to wily arachnids who waited till the towel was on you before coming out of hiding?

  7. Mig

    I do now.

  8. i have a SPIDER in my CAR. not a weensy spider, mind you… a nice medium-sized meaty spider. i sprayed inside it and left it outside to bake in the sun.

    there were fresh spider webs in my car this morning.

    it’s not good to do the ‘spider-dance’ while you’re driving… eeek.