Our fridge shorted out and caught on fire today.

It had been threatening to for a long time now.

We never really believed it was serious. Even though we constantly feared it would happen.

It was a great excuse for getting out of work a few minutes early: I have to go help my wife put out the fire in our kitchen.

Other silver lining-type details: now we get a new fridge.

On the minus side, my wife wants a fridge that is, admittedly, a good deal, and has a metallic front so we can finally do the fridge magnet thing (our old fridge had a wooden front. And it cooled with REAL ICE that we CUT FROM THE FROZEN LAKE IN WINTER (no, really, the wooden front was to match the kitchen decor)). But it is a couple inches too wide and too deep for the space, so Alpha wants me to adjust the cabinetry to make room.

I don’t know if i can do that. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I am not crazy about the idea, because i have a bad feeling that this is going to offset the savings from the cheap fridge by a couple orders of magnitude.

2 responses to “Fridge

  1. Jann

    If it were I, I would buy a fridge that fits the spot. I had a somewhat similar situation recently – I bought a small house, and my daughter and son-in law remodeled my kitchen. They did all the work themselves, (plumbing, wiring, carpentry, etc.), except for the countertop. They both work fulltime, so my kitchen was done on weekends. The new cabinets were different sizes than the old, but my daughter worked out a plan where they fit perfectly. The spot for the fridge did not change, but the first fridge I bought was too wide, although by the measurements it should have fit; my daughter said the sides bulged. Luckily exchanging things is easy at Sears, and I got a narrower one. Yes, with a metallic front – but magnets will not stick to all metallic fronts. I had the salesman find a magnet so I could test them. My kitchen is perfect; and it only took five months, during which I lived with them. Their four dogs loved me. Take a magnet with you!

  2. You totally need to buy one of those fridges that connects to the Internet so you can keep us all posted as to the contents via Twitter. That way, when you run out of lettuce or something, I’ll know.