Go, little robot

Little toy robot excels at walking straight ahead.

Go, little robot, go.

It’s got these batteries that never wear out, like in some commercial. And when it hits a wall, it just keeps walking.

Walking in place. It can do this forever, face up against the wall. Walking is what it does.

Walking, walking. It can do this for forty, fifty years, at least.

Then it gets turned around.

Boy does that feel good!

Go, little robot.

2 responses to “Go, little robot

  1. Paul

    I get it! This is totally a metaphor!

    Your life is like that of a god, manipulating people and sending them off in their direction in life whether it is any good for them or not. You are totally in charged.

    Isn’t that the metaphor you were thinking of? I sure hope you weren’t identifying with the robot, that would really be lame :-)

  2. mig

    The direction is the key, for sure.