Book update

p1070103smThe first batch of “Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals”  orders ships this morning. That orange envelope, for example, contains 3 copies going to the illustrator, Bran. The one on top is addressed to somewhere in California. The one on the bottom, the first one ordered, is going to Denmark.

So far I have bound 40. I am waiting for some more Washi before putting covers on the rest next week. The rest will ship then.

It looks like the limited first edition of 50 copies will sell out this week.  There are about 10  left right now. Or so. Give or take. I haven’t checked my email in the last two minutes to see if any new orders have come in, so one never knows.

More info on the book and ordering on this page here.

12 responses to “Book update

  1. That’s what I get for hosting a pity party! Tell me I did not miss out. Just hit the buy one button and I have my fingers crossed! Damn how did I miss the launch? ! Congratulations Mig.

  2. I just jumped on the bandwagon and ordered one too. I was waiting on my stupid paycheck, so hopefully I didn’t miss out.

  3. One for me mother, one for me
    One for me auntie who can’t wait to see.

    I’m just dying, Mig. I hope the postal service is very kind to me and delivers so quickly. Thanks for sending!

  4. Either your blog has a new look, or IE8 is playing tricks again; anyway, I like it.

  5. mig

    I haven’t changed anything, must be IE8.

  6. IE8 is doing some pretty weird things; I’m not at all happy with it – except in the case of your blog, which I might be seeing correctly for the first time – anyway, as I said before, it looks nice.

  7. or maybe it’s my new computer glasses…

  8. Book = received


    That is all.

  9. I came home from PT today to find my book had arrived. I was very excited, and happy to say that it meets or exceeds all my expectations, which, I might add, were very high. Great work Mig and Bran!

  10. k.

    my books came yesterday and they are beautiful and wonderful and so funny.

    thank you so much and i’m so, so glad you decided to do this.

    (signed and numbered!!!)

    i’ve not been this excited about giving something as a christmas gift in ages, and of course, one is all mine!

  11. mig

    thank you, everyone. bran and i did our best to make them awesome. i managed to sign and number most of the books i’ve sent out so far. a couple times i may have neglected to, due to packaging them too fast or drinking a medicinal glass of whiskey. anyone who received a book unsigned/unnumbered is welcome to sign and number it themself, best would be a number between 30 and 50. the author’s name is on the book.

  12. Jill/jadedju

    “Did our best to make them awesome”=Success. True awesomeness. Thank you!