Little-known facts: the book

In time for holiday shoppers, I am planning to make a book of around 2 dozen “Little-known facts” pieces previously published on this weblog. It will be professionally printed on off-white paper and hand-bound by me in the traditional Japanese stab binding style. I’m running to the art supply store this Friday to look for some nice paper for the covers. The format will be roughly 8″ square, and if the current layout is maintained it will be around 50-60 pages long, with illustrations.

I may also include a bonus surprise in each book, but not sure about that yet.

I would charge around ten Euro per book, which is about 14 U.S. dollars at current rates of exchange, plus postage. Payment would probably have to be via Paypal, unless someone trusts me with cash or has a better idea.
I have a figure in my mind, a certain number of books I would produce. They would be numbered individually. What I would like to know from you is if my number is high or low. How many of you would be interested in buying how many copies of this book?

22 responses to “Little-known facts: the book

  1. anne

    THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA. It will be a good gift for my writer friends and for my weird bookbinding friend, too, who will be pleased to see she’s not the only one. If you can get them done by Christmas I would buy at least five. Maybe more and then store them for Father’s Day, b/c they’re also Father’s Day genius.

  2. anne

    Oh, hey. And one for me, too! So six.

  3. I would buy at least two.

  4. Jill (formerly jadedju)

    I would most definitely purchase 2, one as a gift and one to keep. I hope you would include the pictures that accompanied the little known facts.

  5. Put me down for one. (People here in SoCal spend so much time in traffic they don’t have time to read anything.)

  6. mig

    jill: there will be original illustrations, by an artist. i considered using the images originally posted on the blog, but i think there could be copyright problems with many of them.

  7. TH

    One for me, please.

  8. Put me down for one.

  9. kay

    omg! i would buy two without doubt.

    it’s also possible i’d buy two more.

    but without doubt – two.

    this is an awesome idea!!!!

  10. I’ll take one too!

  11. gordon

    Little-known facts about gordons:
    1. They still can’t get over that news story about the guy who inhaled a Wendy’s spoon because A) He was eating so fast he inhaled it. B) It was a SPOON.
    2. They will buy Mig’s book of little-known facts.

  12. mig

    But only part of a spoon. What happened to the rest of the spoon?

  13. Jane

    Brilliant. How can I not? Yes.

  14. beta

    i’ll pruf-reid it, how bout that?

  15. flerdle

    Two for me please.

  16. I’ll definitely take two. Wonderful idea.

  17. My coffee table is panting in delirious apprehension. One for me!

  18. Ian

    Brilliant – and the facts will deteriorate in the ‘little-known’ dimension thus rendering a need for “Little Known Facts Volume II” and so on ad finitum. (Something about the “Best Rock Album in the World Vol 2″ always makes me smile).

    BTW put me down for one.

  19. mig

    hey, you guys! book update here. i get it back from the printer tomorrow, allegedly. that’s the plus side. on the minus side, the kittens ate the washi i was going to use for the cover. on the plus side, but only some of it! also i have some other paper i will be using too. each book will be unique! just like this blog! amateurish and unique! so binding will commence soon, and i expect it to go *fairly* quickly once it starts, learning curve etc. after that, i just have to figure out how to set up a page to sell it, and the rest is history.

  20. mig

    also, re: washi – i’m sending my wife back to tokyo next week to pick up some more. this limited-edition first edition will consist of about 75 copies, minus whatever the cats vandalize.

  21. I am late. Can late have one? Please let me know.