Chicken vapor

Psychological test: when you see this picture, is your first thought, “Sarah Palin”?

7 responses to “Chicken vapor

  1. Short answer: No.

    Long answer: I’m politically uninterested and the only way I might come up with Sarah Palin as the answer to ANY question would be if someone were to ask me “What’s the name of John McCain’s running mate?” and then I’d probably have to think about it for a few minutes because I never can remember what she’s called unless I’m looking at her name somewhere.

    Actually my first thought looking at that picture had something to do with “Giant *clever-alternative-word-for-‘rooster’-with-great-double-entendre-potential*” Then I noticed the corpse and was suddenly confused. Why wasn’t I called to pick it up? And then I saw the little girl, who appears to be bloodstained, and washed my hands of the whole affair… this is obviously far too deep for me and I’m not even touching the sunset, the barn, the tree, the rotting fence, or the thing that looks like it might be a crow next to the tree.

    Was that psychological enough for you? Or at least psychotic?

  2. mig

    Speaking of psychology and names, there are those who can’t even keep McCain’s name straight:

  3. Actually, my first thought is “Chickens In The Mist” and some sort of Dian Fossey living among the giant wild chickens of the African rainforest.

    But that’s just me.

  4. it is now, but because i talked to you. when i clicked on your blog and saw that pic there, i immediately thought “Sarah Palin, and the Democratic Party wondering wtf just happened.” as if i had been conditioned. have you been conditioning me?

  5. mig

    come out to the woodpile, bran.

    i’ve been thinking more about the picture. i think we will have to wait and see who the dead guys are, and who the little girl is – democrats or republicans.

  6. Must there be a deep political significance to EVERYTHING? Can’t you people just enjoy a giant chicken, a corpse and a little girl at face value? Or can’t we all imagine some sort of alien society where giant chickens are worshipped like gods (hence the whole Lion King-like posture standing on the end of the pointy rock)?

    Or am I supposed to decide that the somewhat deserted-looking barn represents the housing crisis and the rotting fence is the remains of one party or another’s “platform”? The tree probably has something to do with the environment, and that apocalyptic glow in the distance is probably meant to indicate something about global warming.

  7. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Yes, but only because it’s the only thought I have these days. I’d try to explain, but everything comes out as speech-like but unintelligible utterances. Don’t know if I’m drunk, or just full of…the holy spirit.